About Me

CRR Grand Prix XC 8k March 2007

CRR Grand Prix XC 8k March 2007 Photo courtesy of Kathy Taerum of the Calgary Roadrunners

My kids are grown, but I’m not alone; I have very nice roommates and cats. I live and work in Calgary. I enjoy trail running, bike commuting, swimming, and sometimes yoga. I avoid treadmills, enjoy splashing through puddles, and my favourite forms of exercise involve propelling my body through space. Exercise is important to my health and size, especially in light of my weakness for chocolate.

Finishing 40 km bike at Miquelon Lake

Alberta Challenge Olympic Distance Triathlon 2009

I’m not a talented athlete, but life is better when I’m active. I started running as a New Year’s Resolution in 2000 at age 33. The fitness and confidence gained from running have encouraged me to try triathlon, swimming, road cycling, orienteering, and bike commuting. I even joined a masters swim club for a season.

My favourite trail races involve 8 – 29  km courses like the CRR Grand Prix series and Moose Mountain.

I have completed four half marathons, a sprint triathlon, an olympic distance triathlon, and two marathons. I volunteer and sometimes train with the Calgary Roadrunners. In 2015 I became the first woman and the youngest runner in our club to run over 100 consecutive CRR Grand Prix XC (trail series) races.

I started bike commuting in the spring of 2010, and sometimes I achieve over 100 bike commutes per year. I count one bike commute as both the rides to and from work, and my round trip commute distances have measured between 10-24 km.

I’m a low-maintenance athlete. I rarely have more than two pairs of running shoes on the go at once. My bikes are second-hand.

When I’m not exercising or working, I hang out on the interwebs a lot. I cook and try to keep a few plants alive. Sometimes I read or knit or play piano. I’m not very talented at those pursuits either, but they’re still rewarding. In 2008 I started knitting because my grandma told me to. I’m glad she did. Sometimes I knit stuff to wear on runs and bike rides.

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