Posted by: Karen | November 4, 2016

So Long to a Streak

Remember the number 114, my friends, because that is how long my latest Calgary Roadrunners XC Grand Prix race streak has been. For over 11 years I have not missed a single race in the series! For all of those years I was fortunate enough to have Saturdays off, but tomorrow I will miss the Okotoks race.

Tomorrow a new era begins with my shiny new two-week-old job, which involves shift work Saturday mornings at the airport for a while. The new job is cool so far, and it’s time to say farewell to this race streak.

I will still hold the record for the youngest “100” streak holder until a couple of young upstarts catch up next spring, and I’ll always be the first woman to achieve 100 in a row. I hope I can make it to my running buddy Ken’s 100th at Silver Springs next month. We’ll see how that goes.

For those racing tomorrow, give a big woohoo! on the descents for me. It’s all downhill from here 😉


Taken at Okotoks XC race, November 2015


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