Posted by: Karen | April 5, 2016

XC Series Wrap Up

Ah, April; otherwise known as the month many Calgary Roadrunners go into cross-country running series withdrawal. No more snowy, icy, treks out into the frozen parks with the comforting knowledge that multi-layered volunteers will tell us where to go and pick up the marker flags after we’ve gone past. No more homemade soups and potluck dessert tables as we thaw together in community halls after conquering the hills and weather. We’ll have to run with other groups until the series starts back up again in the fall.

In March we wrapped up the season with the annual awards banquet. The banquet is potluck, and the food is always awesome. I brought a representation of spring-y runners on a muddy background, done up with decorated sugar cookies on marbled cheesecake brownies.


25863699751_d835bf2324_nAt the awards banquet there are different kinds of awards. The Ironperson award goes to anyone who runs all 10 races in the season. I like it a lot because I don’t have to be fast to earn one25658081120_910097fc9a_n.

This year I also placed in my age group, yay! This is an award I usually don’t win, so I’m tickled pink to win third in my category.

In 16 years of running, I have now placed in this series three times. It’s a great way to say farewell to this age group. Next year I’ll be moving up to another one.

I won a bowl for Ironperson and a mug for third place. Our awards are hand painted by our racers and volunteers, and fired at a local ceramic shop. Our painters are very talented!

As icing on the cake, I also won the coolest draw prize at the banquet; a gift card to my favourite running stuff store, Gord’s. Thanks Gord!

I’m already looking forward to next season.


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