Posted by: Karen | February 7, 2016

Lean Into It

At the Nose Hill CRR XC Race yesterday, the thermometer said “warm”, but the very strong wind at the start line insisted that I wear one more shirt than I’d brought. I borrowed one from my running buddy and was glad I did. This race is held on a big prairie plateau which soars high above Calgary. It’s scenic, but not sheltered from the weather.

We were warned the course was very icy, and it was. I was very glad for my Kahtoolas. The wind was bad enough; if I had fallen on the ice I might have been blown off the plateau! In the first loop I chatted and sometimes walked with some buddies running the 4k route. It was hard to catch our breath with the challenge of bumpy, hard terrain plus the wind.

I was mostly on my own for the second loop, and after the climb back up to the plateau, I gritted my teeth and ran the rest of it. By that time I had caught my “second wind” (pun intended), and was not interested in prolonging my time out in the gale. A fun part of the course wound down through a little copse of trees, and my spikes dug well into the hard packed path.

The best part was the very long descent to the finish, totally worth the two blustery loops up top.

KC Nose Hill CRR XC 2016 Finish

This photo is courtesy of the Calgary Roadrunners awesome phojographers. Check out more in their galleries on the club website.


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