Posted by: Karen | January 24, 2016

Scroll to the Bottom

One very nice thing about being a slow poke at our club races is that it’s easy to find my name in the results later. Racers are listed in order of placement with the fastest at the top. I just scroll to the bottom to find my official time and placement.

There are folks who get disappointed in themselves for coming in last in a race, but hey, yesterday I came in top 10 in my age group, and top 100 in the whole race (8/8 and 80/80). It’s all perspective, eh? Yesterday, at the 12 Mile Coulee ravine, I enjoyed the race course for the longest of everyone in the 8k.

The CRR XC trail race series has some very scenic courses, and yesterday’s was one of my favourites. Often this time of year, the coulee gives us crusty, uneven footing on the ridge, and nasty hard, ice-filled single track trails in the creek bottom. Yesterday we enjoyed much nicer hard-packed paths throughout the course with only one wide frozen creek crossing. The creek crossing was manned by our delightful David-the-wee-Scot, which had me looking forward to it on the second loop.

I dreaded the horribly steep climb at the end of both loops, but the second time I was cheered on by Justin B., who spurred me to pick up my pace to finish at 1:11.

It was nice to hug friends back at the hall and listen to the announcements while tucking into homemade soup and brownies.


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