Posted by: Karen | January 22, 2016

Once a Week Winter Bike Commute

It’s really easy to drive my car to work now. With free parking and a no-hassle, 15 minute car commute against the busy traffic flow, I don’t feel as compelled to bike commute, especially on cold winter days and snowy streets. Sometimes it’s an stretch to remember that I want to ride my bike.

This January I set a goal, however, to bike commute a minimum of once per week, at least for the winter months. I hope this goal doesn’t mean I’ll have to ride in really really cold weather, but I’ll give it a shot if that’s all some of the weeks offer. There’s only 10 weeks left until April anyway – how many of them could have really cold weather all week, in Calgary, with our warming Chinook winds?

This goal has me checking the weekly forecast to pick the warmest, least-likely-to-have-accumulated-snow days to bike to work. I like it.

Pick the day each week.

Ride it.

Today marked three weeks of work and my third bike commute this year 🙂

AND I signed up for Winter Bike to Work Day (#WBTWD) on February 12. Since I’m not working downtown this winter, I might have to figure out some way to celebrate it at my own workplace. Maybe bring in treats?

Another goal this year is to track all of my bike commutes and some of my runs on Strava (see my side bar). I understand the City of Calgary transportation uses Strava data in planning bicycle-friendly infrastructure, so I’d really like them to see where I ride when they look at tweaking traffic patterns.


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