Posted by: Karen | January 4, 2015

Double Swim Day

On alternate Sunday mornings when my daughter is with me, I often just skip the swim club workout and just take her to the family swim at a city recreational pool later in the morning. I have felt kind of selfish asking her sit through my master’s club swim workout. She is a swimmer herself though, and actually likes watching me swim, so this morning she brought a book to my workout, and after my swim we headed straight to another pool so she could swim too.

We can do both in the same morning – our swims don’t have cancel each other out. I’m hoping embracing this concept will help me get my swim workouts in and have fun pool time with her, without feeling guilty about skipping either activity.

Sunday morning club swims are 90 minutes long. Today we worked on all strokes, using kick/drill/swim sequences of 25m/50m/75m, with and without fins. I got some pointers on better sculling drill technique. I tried to remember to push out the end of my freestyle stroke. The breaststroke laps felt awesome. I love breaststroke. We worked hard and it felt good to be back in the water after the Christmas break.

After I showered and dressed, I scarfed down an apple while we drove to a city pool in time for the Sunday morning family swim. I donned a second, dry swim suit (putting on a cold, wet swimsuit feels icky), and hopped back in the water with my kiddo for a much more relaxed round of underwater mermaid poses, handstands, and otter-like water play, with her trying out my fins for a while. We capped it off with a soak in the hot tub and a stop by the A&W drive-through on the way home.


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