Posted by: Karen | December 29, 2014

Penguin Pajamas and an Icy 8k Trail Run

On December 13th I ran a fairly steady 8k at the Silver Springs trail race over several hills on a lot of ice. I’m happiest about the “fairly steady” part, because I haven’t been running much this year. I know I’m not as fast as I can be, but “steady” and “not injured” totally rock my world. “Steady” means I can run along and thoroughly enjoy the course, the motion, the fresh air, the volunteers, my fellow racers, and the challenge of the distance.

If I hadn’t been wearing serious traction I would not have been steady, no matter what my fitness level. It was icy out there. My Kahtoola microspikes dug into the solid ice which filled most of the single track trails on the Bowmont Park course.

I’m pretty sure my spikes are what enabled me to a) finish top 5 in my age group and simultaneously b) finish last in the 8k distance. a) happened because no more than 4 of my age groupers wanted to take on the ice for 8k and b) the usual 8kers who finish behind me didn’t like the ice either. It’s great that I can finish top 5 AND last and still have so much fun in a scenic winter trail race.

I didn’t have much company on the course this year. Once I turned off on towards the 8k part of the race I was pretty much on my own. I caught glimpses of Karin and David ahead of me, but I never caught up. They must have seen or heard me coming – I could ever sneak up on anyone whilst wearing noisy ice cleats.

The Silver Springs race is also a fun time to dress up in Christmassy stuff. We wear Santa Hats as a memorial to one of our favourite fallen runners who always wore Santa gear to this race, and I figure if I’m going to wear a Santa Hat, my red fleecy penguin pajama pants should come along too.

Karen runs trails in penguin print pajamas

Festive XC run fun. Photo courtesy of the Calgary Roadrunners fabulous phojographers.


  1. I’m glad to hear you are back to running! I’ve been sad to miss out on the XC races so far this fall but they haven’t really fit in with Goofy Challenge training. Hopefully I’ll see you out at one later in January or February!

  2. Thanks, Leana. I’m very glad to be back running too! The summer was a lo-o-ong time off from running and I’m returning to it very cautiously, but I think it has been worth it to heal well. Having the other sports to keep me busy and sort of fit helped a lot, and I don’t feel like I’m all the way back to Square One of run training.


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