Posted by: Karen | November 21, 2014

5k Walk, A Rest, and Perhaps a Comeback

Last winter I had high hopes of keeping my marathon-level fitness going well into the spring, and then I would totally rock the Calgary Marathon yet again. Somehow my training derailed when my foot injury got worse and worse. I backed off the training, then outright rested, and went to physio, and had orthotics made, and tried not to fuss, but it just didn’t recover as much as I needed it to. I didn’t want to time to take off work for multiple and expensive diagnostic tests and treatments, so after the winter trail running series ended, I scaled back the running to nothing.

One year after my fastest marathon, an injury had me reduced to walking the 5k.

One year after my fastest marathon, an injury had me reduced to walking the 5k.

I walked the 5k distance at the Calgary Marathon races on June 1st instead of running the marathon (42.2k). I wore last year’s marathon shirt, but I did not run a step of the 5k, and even for that I took Advil so the foot wouldn’t complain later. I was disappointed to be walking, but grateful to be that ambulatory at the same time.

Before the 5k start (at noon), I rode my bike beside some of the other race courses that day. I cheered on friends and random strangers in the 10k, 21.1k, 42.2k and 50k distances. I pitched in at a water table and chatted with other volunteers and cheerers. I took a couple photos of friends taking photos, and in general, enjoyed the spirit of the day.

It was the last road race I would participate in for a while. I hung up the running shoes, orthotics and all, for the summer. Yes, even the trail shoes. I volunteered at and cheered on our club teams at the Banff Jasper Relay and the K100. I still rode my bike to work. I started swimming more.

There is hope that I’m returning to running now. I think the rest over the summer did me good, and I have a new respect for cross training. I have been able to consistently run easy, gentle jogs once or twice a week, around 4-5 km. My favourite winter trail series has begun again, and at Okotoks two weeks ago I trotted through the 8k distance (my 95th CRR XC race in a row), with minimal walking and no follow-up pain later!

I don’t feel I’m all the way back to hardcore, crazy “runner” status, but I have sent my heart back out there, and I’m hoping my legs will follow.


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