Posted by: Karen | May 22, 2014

Not-Running, but still moving

Yes, the foot still hurts and I’m not running. It hurts less than it used to, but I’m really not-running at all lately, and trying to stay off it in between not-running as well.

After the doctor saw the x-rays (heel spur) she prescribed orthotics. I shelled out big bucks for a dress set at work and an athletic pair for my runners. I’ve been using the dress set at my office job for 2 weeks, and they are sort of ok. It’s a challenge to fit them into my work shoes well. I tried to run one week after receiving the athletic orthotics, but the heel bruise and achilles tendon area complained a LOT after that, so I’ve given it a 2-week break since then.

Last Friday I had a dental implant post (it sounds more badass if I call it a gum piercing, right?) inserted into my gum, which necessitated “no strenuous exercise for 7 days”, so that’s helped with the resting, I guess.

I decided that bike commuting does not qualify as “strenuous”, so after the long weekend I resumed biking and all is well. I’m up to 44 bike commutes for the year so far.

I haven’t swum lately. Last week I was lazy, and this week I used the dental implant as an excuse. Swimming will happen next week! Really. And maybe a run will, too. Walking was better on the athletic orthotic last week – I will try more walking, and perhaps some running will just spontaneously break out as well. I’m registered for the 5k now at the Calgary Marathon race day – quite a drop from my original goal of the marathon, but it is what it is. I’ll walk it all if running doesn’t work, and then cheer on others, I hope.

Oh yes, and weekly yoga is continuing! My original yoga teacher quit, but now I’m practicing with a beginner class at another community centre closer to home. I am considering actually going to a “real” yoga place after this 6-week session ends. Like running and swimming and biking, I think yoga belongs in my life, and I should be able to do it well into my later years. Every time I practice it, I’m glad I haven’t waited until I’m real old to start.


  1. I hope you are able to get used to the orthotics and can get back to all the activities you love Karen… it took me a few weeks but they really helped me. I run with them too.

  2. Thank you for your continuing well wishes! I really appreciate that you stopped by with this encouragement. It’s taking more patience than I had anticipated, but slowly, there is a hint of progress. It is really, really hard to not overdo it, but I’m re-learning this recovery thing. My all-walk 5k on Marathon day actually went well, and the foot didn’t yell at me afterward. I might just walk and hike all summer, and leave running until later.

    Congratulations on your 50k! It sounds like it all worked out wonderfully for you.


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