Posted by: Karen | March 16, 2014

Slow Racing

Slow-Racing: It’s kind of like slow-cooking, wherein one gets to take longer to savour the event.

To keep my XC race streak going, I gently jogged 8 km in the February 22 Weaselhead race, and 4 km in the March 8 Fish Creek race. I took my camera along and participated tourist-style, to give me a creative way to gently participate. It made taking the races slowly a little more fun, even when I got lapped by the fast front-runners.

Weaselhead 8k

I completed both loops of the Weaselhead race for the 8k distance, as I needed one more 8k distance in the series to qualify for the Grand Prix standings. It doesn’t matter if I’m 10th out of 10 or 40th out of 40 in my age group – qualifying means I can rate as “Top 10” or “Top 40” in a city of a million people. Little things like that tuck into my ego-belt quite nicely.

The foot didn’t hurt very much at all during that race, and I snapped some lovely shots of the two girls who led me through the first lap. The Jack Rabbit trail on which the course was set is beautifully treed, and it’s one of my favourite places to run. It was a cold day, but we bundled up and kept moving.

Fish Creek 4k

We enjoyed comparatively warm weather for the Fish Creek race. I chose the 4k route and was glad I had, as the foot started whining half way through. It had been recently cold enough that the creek was still frozen, and we ran on it past a lovely frozen waterfall. I snapped some pics of the course, a few course marshals, and a snowman at the finish.

Check out some of the shots I took on my Flickr Page.

These were the last two races in the season, two weeks apart, and now I will rest the foot with no-more-runs until the doc and I can figure out next steps (or un/non/anti-steps).


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