Posted by: Karen | March 16, 2014

Injury Update

This is kind of a limbo update, as I’ve been to the doctor, but am awaiting x-ray results. Thursday afternoon I visited my family doctor and told her my symptoms. As I anticipated, I’m to not do anything until we can see what an x-ray of my heel reveals. We might also try a bone scan, but first things first.

For the record, the downtown x-ray clinic is empty on a Friday morning at 9:00. I was in and out of there in 15 minutes.

Does not doing anything include yoga? because I went to yoga Thursday. The heel hurt during some of the standing poses as usual, but the rest of the class was worth it. I really like Kristie’s Yoga for the Non-Bendy, as I am no where near as bendy as I once was, and she’s great at gently describing how and why a body should stretch this way or that.

I’m also sticking to at least one lane swim a week, sometimes two. Flip turns are happening more often, and they keep me from resting at the end of the lane. I’m looking forward to eventually riding my bike to and from the pool (about 3k) in warmer weather and with longer days.

I’m REALLY looking forward to running again, but I understand this will require more patience. I hope there is something we can do about my recovery, as opposed to just plain old waiting.


  1. Oh no Karen, sorry to hear your foot/heel is still bugging you! Fingers crossed you are able to figure out what it is going to take to get you back out there running. Thank you to you and LR for volunteering yesterday! You two were very enthusiastic and a welcome sight to see at the bottom of that big, mean overpass.

  2. Sorry to hear that you are not back to the thick of it! Swimming is good! Take it easy (and drink wine!)

  3. Limbo update: The doctor called – we are to discuss the x-ray result Friday. Thanks Leana and Crystal – I will keep up the enthusiastic voluncheering and swimming! Wine is a very good suggestion.

  4. The x-ray showed a heel spur, and Dr. prescribed orthotics. I searched online and set up an assessment and fitting with Patrick at Orthotics in Motion. His opinion concurred with a suggestion I heard at the Running Injury Clinic, that it’s not PF as much as a thinning heel fat pad. Good news and bad: Orthotics should help, but they’re expensive. I’m hoping my health insurance will help with the expense. I pick up the orthotics May 1. Maybe I will run some this summer?


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