Posted by: Karen | March 16, 2014

February Tough Month for Bike Commuting

View of the Bow River from the 10A St pedestrian bridge, about 5:30 pm

View of the Bow River from the 10A St pedestrian bridge, about 5:30 pm

Our frigidly cold weather warmed up just enough for me to comfortably participate in Winter Bike to Work Day. It also coincided nicely with Valentine’s Day, so I dressed up my pannier with a string of red, glittery hearts and rode in a little early to celebrate with other #WBTWD supporters before heading off to work.

Bike Calgary volunteers and some cool sponsors and organizations got together at Eau Claire mall, where cyclists could enjoy a free breakfast, complete with a delightful chocolate to top it off. I tried on some battery operated thermal gloves. They were fascinating, but more expensive than I could justify for myself. A local photographer had set up a fun photo booth and I snagged a fun free bike bell.

Incidentally, the third annual Calgary Bike Swap is coming up on May 3rd this year. I hear that volunteers get first pick? Who wants to volunteer?

I managed one other bike commute in February before temperatures dropped below and beyond my comfort zone for the rest of the month. I’d rather not have to wear a parka on my bike, and even so, I’m still challenged keeping my hands warm. February 2013 I think I bike commuted 2-3 times per week. This February it was twice total.

This past week (March 10-14) I gleefully bike commuted every single day, with the morning temperatures near zero Celsius. By Friday morning my legs ached, “What, AGAIN!”, but the rest of me dragged them along over the frozen puddles and it was glorious. I’m looking forward to another lovely set of bike commutes next week.


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