Posted by: Karen | February 13, 2014

More Not-Running and Winter Biking

Other than two recent cross country races two weeks apart, I haven’t run for over three weeks. My foot still hurts, although the pain seems to have moved from bottom of the arch to the tendons above and behind the ankle. I figure the pain will poke around until it finds it way out. In the meantime, I am continuing with strengthening exercises, swimming and yoga.

I have been tempted to research my foot pain on the internet, but web based self diagnosis seems kind of like reading horoscopes – they all seem to apply and I just end up choosing the parts I like best anyway.

Photo courtesy of Bike Calgary

Photo courtesy of Bike Calgary

Last weekend I finally set up my road bike on the indoor trainer, so last night I cranked out a 20 minute spin before settling in to the strengthening exercises. I hadn’t been on the road bike for so long I had to Google how to shift gears!

Sundays and Tuesdays I’ve been pretty consistent with 35-40 minutes of lane swimming. I haven’t re-learned flip turns yet, but I’m resting less at the ends now.

Tonight I’m going back to Yoga for the as yet Unbendy – soon I think I will carve out some time to practice these poses at home too.

Tomorrow – oh hey! TOMORROW is Winter Ride Your Bike to Work Day! I’m looking forward to checking out on Twitter (#WBTWD) and Facebook about how bike commuters in winter cities enjoyed their commute.

I plan to bike in a little early, to see if I can snag breakfast and celebrate with other local winter bike commuters. It seems that it will even be warm enough that I won’t have to bundle up much. I have not biked to work since our last chinook sometime in January, so I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. Maybe I will also get to ride next week, if the “warm” (above -7*C) morning temperatures continue.


  1. Hey Karen, I’m dying to know how winter bike to work day went for you? How far is your commute? A colleague “almost” convinced me but I’m still scared of the ice. I’m a fair weather cycling commuter. Hey! Also! It was so great to see you at FA50K. How did that go? Were you there for your significant other?

  2. Thanks for commenting! Hope your foot is good these days. Good luck with the flip turns, but you should be ok, just like riding a bike.

  3. hope your foot is feeling better by now!!!


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