Posted by: Karen | January 17, 2014

Runstreak Respite

I’ve been a daily run-streaker since July 5, 2012. Today, at 561 runs, I’m breaking the streak. My foot has been hurting for too long, I’m tired of running “only 2 km because I can and it doesn’t hurt too much”, and I’ve decided it needs a rest now if I’m to run that marathon in June. I have pulled my registration from Gord’s Frozen Ass 50k next month (hope to volunteer instead).

My heel has been achy to walk on most of today, even with ibuprofen and all taped up from physio two days ago. I’m not limping like I was at Christmas, but still, this has gone on too long.

I am booked for an assessment at the Running Injury Clinic next Wednesday, as a freebie from participating in their Healthy Runners Study last summer. We’ll see what they recommend, and how I might actively treat whatever this is (Achilles? PF?).

Since I am breaking the runstreak, I plan to aim for a happy-foot streak of seven days before re-starting it. I might as well make breaking the runstreak worth it. This plan is subject to my whims and how I take advice I receive next week.

I might still run intermittently without seven consecutive happy-foot days, I just likely won’t run daily until I have at least seven (or more) happy-foot days, running or not. I’m not yet willing to give up my CRR XC race streak, which has taken almost nine years to build, and there are four more of those races left in this season.

I fully anticipate to re-start another run streak in the future – I’ve learned a lot from this one. And yes, my triathlete buddies, there’s always the bike and swim to keep me between the runs 🙂


  1. I’m so sorry to hear your foot is giving you so much grief and that the run streak is over. 561 days is very impressive! You are smart to take the time off to let it heal. Hopefully you are able to get some answers from the injury clinic.

  2. I stopped running every day in 2003 when I began doing races, and began true training. I found I was not needing to take aspirin every single night in order to get to sleep when I ran every other day, instead of every day.
    Unfortunately, now I have become a lazy (undisciplined) runner, so I don’t run regularly enough to avoid injury. My own fault, absolutely.
    But there are adjustments that should be considered as a runner becomes (shall we say?) a MASTERS runner.
    Just a thought.
    You know (I HOPE!) that I think you are fantastic, and I admire all the things you accomplish!! (And the things you attempt, too!)

  3. Thanks Leana, I look forward to healing up and running again, but for now, rest is fine. I hope the clinic offers some positive ways to deal with this, and doesn’t discover I’ve developed something worse than I think it is.

  4. Jeanne, yes, I do need to consider rest as a part of my “masters” regimen (sigh). I had thought a 2k run sufficed as a rest from the other training, but we’ll see about that. Thanks for your encouragement!


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