Posted by: Karen | January 17, 2014

Bike Commuting Resumes

Snow  Bike

Snow Bike Monday

In other news, this week I rode my bike to work and back three times and only half of one was in a blizzard (Monday’s ride home). The blizzard ride was a fun adventure, but I won’t choose that daily.

I hadn’t ridden my bicycle since the end of November, due to nasty weather and vacation. No wait, on Sunday I used it to get to the pool for a half hour swim and stopped for a pannier of groceries on the way home. My car was in the shop, and I wanted to make sure I remembered how to ride on winter stuff (gravel and ice).

We’ve had a few chinooks (wonderful warm winds from the west), and some of the snow has melted or been pushed aside. My bike lane completely disappears in a couple of places due to crusty street shoulder mountains, but so far the streets are far less slippery than the sidewalks.

Yay, for chinooks, and three bike commutes so far for 2014!


  1. I have never ridden a bike on an icy surface, ever!

  2. Nice job! And it was nice meeting you the other night 🙂

  3. Jeanne, I wouldn’t ride on ice either, but the last couple of winters I’ve installed studded tires, which make most ice manageable. I just avoid icy bumps.

    Nice to meet you too, Leigh! Looking forward to more meet ups 🙂

  4. You rode your bike in a blizzard?!? I’m so glad the marathon is in June!


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