Posted by: Karen | January 12, 2014

Waffle Week

First the good news: My daughter gave me an awesome waffle maker for Christmas, and on Sunday we had a blast making waffles.



The bad news: My foot has continued to ache and whine all week, causing me to waffle back and forth on my commitment to the Frozen Ass 50k race next month. I’m torn, because I believe that if I really put in a strong effort I am capable of completing the 50k. Last week I covered 35k in nasty cold conditions, and my foot doesn’t feel really bad when I’m running…

I had a serious talk with a physio therapist this week at a sports clinic. I’m dealing with plantar fasciitis combined with achilles tendinitis. Yes, she could get my foot and me through the 50k. She could even work on getting me through my half and full marathons later this spring after that, but the longer I put off really working on healing this thing, the more risk I run of damaging it further and having to take even more time off from running later.

I hate backing out on a race I’ve committed to. I’m ticked off that my body, which seemed so healthy last fall when I signed up, is not cooperating now. I really want to suck it up and push through the 50k race, but I also know that if there were no 50k race on the agenda I’d have no trouble resting up now to fight other race battles later. I signed up for the Frozen Ass 50 on a whim, because I’d had it on my bucket list and I felt invincible. I can let it go (sigh).

I have two other races I’ve signed up for this spring; the L’Arche 21.1k in late March, and the Calgary Marathon 42.2 on June 1st. If I retreat now and focus on healing, perhaps I can conquer those without all this waffling I’m doing now.



  1. Waffles …. yum! Tough decisions but you will figure it out. Stay positive!


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