Posted by: Karen | January 12, 2014

Nose Creek XC Race

Saturday the Calgary Roadrunners held their sixth race in their Grand Prix winter trail series, at Nose Creek Park. I always show up for these races – I have a series streak of almost nine years so far – this was consecutive race number 88 for me.

I had volunteered to bring a soup, and I even made time to bake a pan of brownies for the potluck table afterwards. The community hall is conveniently on my way to the race start, so I loaded up the car with plenty of time to spare. I brought my spiky shoes and wore a Hawaiian shirt in honour of one of our former regulars who passed away recently. It was a lovely day out – highs predicted above freezing, but windy.

On my way to the hall, my car was making a funny noise and I discovered I had a flat tire. Thankfully I was half a block from the hall, and I pulled in to a spot where it would be easy to access the tire later. I am an AMA member and have a spare donut tire in my trunk, so I didn’t fuss about the car. I dropped off my soup and brownies and hitched a ride to the start.

Since I am nursing a sore foot, I signed up for the short distance (4k) and decided I would take it easy on the run. Once the race started, I found myself trotting along with a cute youngster who was running her first adult 4k race.

4k running

Running the 4k at Nose Creek

She was determined and paced herself very well. She was a blast to run with and very inspiring. The course was a double loop, and we only got lapped at the very end.

After the race we cheered in others and headed back to the hall for lunch and socializing. I ate soup and sweets while waiting for the AMA guy to arrive. It didn’t take long – he fixed my tire in sideways freezing rain (that AMA membership is SO worth it!) and now my car is at the garage. It needs a new muffler anyway – now we’ll see about a tire, too.


  1. I’m jealous. Seems there’s so many race opportunities near Calgary. Ha ha sorry about your car 😦 I’ve been having my share of car troubles this winter too. So cute that you found a new buddy to run with! Hope your foot is on the mend.

  2. Aw, you wound up running with her…that is awesome! She did seem like a very determined little runner out there. Hope everything is okay with your car!


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