Posted by: Karen | January 10, 2014

A New Running Blog Bunch

I like running groups. I am not a very fast runner, so I end up training behind them, but some of my favourite runners to keep up with are online: running bloggers. Running bloggers have not only kept me running, but they’ve kept me writing and reading about something I love. They have given me perspective and insight on not just running, but on life in general. Over the years I have gotten to know some of my blog buddies so well, they’re like family. I have even hugged and high-fived a few in person.

This year I’m really excited to be hanging out with a new collection of bloggers, the Calgary Marathon ForeRUNNERS. As part of the Calgary Marathon’s 50th Anniversary celebration, they have gathered us up and we’re having a blast getting to know each other online. On Wednesday, January 15 at Eau Claire Market, several of us will be at the Marathon Route Reveal party at 5:00 pm. It’s a fun event open to everyone. I might even get to hug or high-five a few Forerunners in person!

Our Forerunners are real people challenging themselves to do better through running. We set goals, work on our training, suffer through and learn from set-backs, go a little crazy sometimes, and celebrate milestones. Check out our profiles and follow us on Twitter or Instagram. Add our RSS feeds to whatever blog reader you like (BlogLovin is my new favourite). Comment on our blogs. Encourage us, commiserate with us, learn from our trials and be inspired by our triumphs. We invite you along on this journey to (and heck, beyond!) our races on June 1. Come along! Bring hugs and high fives.


  1. WAHOO!! I too am at the back of the pack, but i persevere! And am inspired by many bloggers. I am excited to follow along training with all the ForeRUNNERS! Is it really only 22 weeks and counting?

  2. Congratulations on being selected as a forerunner!!

  3. See you tonight hopefully!


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