Posted by: Karen | December 21, 2013

Snowy Silver Springs XC Race

After two weeks of running in very cold (-15C – -26C), often blizzard conditions, much sidewalk shoveling and no bike commuting, we were given December 14th, a lovely day of near-melting temperatures and even some sunshine. We were to race the Calgary Roadrunners Silver Springs XC, and it was a challenge to decide what to wear. This close to Christmas we like to be festive, so I pulled on a pair of penguin pajama pants over my leggings.

It was nice to see Leana and Dawn (blog buddies) at registration, and others I knew from the Roadrunners (all photos in this post are courtesy of the Calgary Roadrunners). We dropped off our desserts and visited a bit before heading out to the start area. I even had a bit of time to get acquainted with some new folks. Before the race began we doffed our coats and extra shirts at the start. Our race director mentioned some course details, and then we were off.



My favourite running buddy and I playfully tried to elbow each other out of the way as we jockeyed for position after the start. Dave I-H took advantage of our silliness and ran ahead. We sorted ourselves into single file along the ridge, and then plunged down a hill. The snow was plentiful, soft, and deep, so I bounded down past more cautious others with a big WHEEEEEE! If I had fallen it would have been a soft landing in the weeds and drifts.


Karen bounds down a snowy hill.

At the bottom Charlotte and I started chatting. We stuck together most of the race – she beat me in at the River Park Classic, and I got her back at Okotoks. We hiked up the steep single track ridges along the river and trotted down into the ravine. It was tough going, as the snow was deep and the hills were steep.

Up a Riverside Ridge

Up a Riverside Ridge

steep hill

Crazy Steep Hill on the 7k Route

Once we’d crested this steep uphill we didn’t have much further to go. Charlotte smelled the finish and left me behind. It felt really good to see the finish line when I got there!

I cheered on a couple of runners after myself and then headed in to warm up. I enjoyed Jenny’s awesome spicy carrot soup and my favourite dessert, brownies. We hugged friends with Merry Christmas wishes and then I headed home for my favourite part of the run, a warm bath.


  1. Looks like a fun race! Minus that large hill near the end of course 🙂

  2. Thanks, Leigh. This series of winter races is one of my favourite things!

  3. Looks like fun Karen! Here’s hoping 2014 is even more fitness fun! All the best!

  4. So many smiling faces! Looks like you had a fun run.


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