Posted by: Karen | November 27, 2013

Streak Update

Earlier this month I ran my 500th consecutive daily run (photos on Facebook). There was a nasty wind blowing snow sideways, but hey, the Strides store had a cookie run, and it’s not like I haven’t run in inclement weather before. If I can run 499 days outside in a row, I can run the 500th in pretty much whatever!

My stoic running buddy and I ran south of the store in Marda Loop, across the dam at the reservoir, up and over Glenmore Trail, past the Rockyview Hospital, Heritage Park (no sailboats or rowing today – ice was forming on the rez), and Glenmore Landing. We didn’t quite make it to the sailing club before deciding to turn back at 7.5 km. 15 km would be a lovely way to mark my first 500.

The wind and tiny flying frozen pellets scrubbed our faces on the way back. By the time we got back to the store my eyelashes were starting to freeze together and the snow had built up on my mitts and hat. It all melted instantly once we stepped inside though, and then there were cookies. Life is good.

In other news, last Sunday I ran 30 km, as I’m ramping up training for a long race in February. 30 km is a really long run – my legs since then have been kind of heavy. Today I ran 3 km for runstreak 511, and today was also bike commute 134 for this year (499 bike commutes total since I started in the spring of 2010).


  1. Admire u Karen.

  2. That is why you look so FANTASTIC! You are in such PRIME form, Gal!


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