Posted by: Karen | October 10, 2013

Harvest Half Marathon and River Park Classic XC

On Saturday I ran the Harvest Half at 7:45 am and then the River Park Classic XC 8k (more like 7k, but with river crossings) at noon. I’ve often envied people who feel trained enough to take on both. This year I didn’t envy anyone!

I wasn’t trying for a personal best in the half, but I think I would have been within a couple of minutes of it if I’d showed up in time to use the portapotties before the race instead of during it. Since I was racing twice that day, the goal was more to survive both events, instead of going crazy in either. I finished the half very happily in 2:14, even with the big hill out of Fish Creek Park around 17 km. The good thing about stopping for the bathroom at 10 km was that I got to pass back a ton of people the rest of the race. That was fun.

I only walked through three of the four water stops. Yes, I trotted up the hills. I took an electrolyte capsule at one of the water stops – no gels, no snacks. My belly just runs best on water and Endurolyte.

It was great to finish and receive a medal! I’d almost forgotten there were medals.

We didn’t hang out much at the Harvest Half finish – we had Race #2 to get to. I grabbed some chocolate soy milk (yum), a banana, and a bottle of water. We got to race #2 with plenty of time to snack and warm up and sign up and change from road shoes to trail shoes, etc.

The legs didn’t complain too much when they had to re-start for the XC race, and the river crossings provided a shockingly theraputic ice bath for my feet and calves. Twice. As I followed a young friend and her fun buddies up the valley path, she discovered I’d signed up for the 8k instead of the 4. “Why would you do that!” Um, because I think I can.

The last few years of XC races I’ve taken the long option whenever I can’t think of a good enough reason to take the shorter one (illness, injury). I wasn’t sick or injured, so 8k it was. I thought I was all alone in the last loop, but no, I got scooped at the end by someone else. Ha, good for her. It was good to see many of my running friends before and after the race.

Sunday morning the Calgary Roadrunners Marathon Group was heading out for a “short one” for them – only 15k around the reservoir. I would not have gone, but my favourite running buddy said “why not?”, and, again, I realized I could, so I did. As it turns out, our Club Prez came out and ran the whole thing with me. The fave running buddy’s sore knee decided he was only doing 4k, so I was happy to have other company. This time, I ran everything except two hills.

This summer I’ve discovered that the first day after a big effort it’s not difficult to run. It’s like my legs don’t know what they did yet. TWO days after is when it sucks. Monday and Tuesday this week I took it easy on them (2k & 4k with walking and enjoying fall leaves).

Lately, the running buddy and I have aimed for 30k long runs (or more) every other weekend, but in reality it’s more like one per month. This weekend I ended up with 43 km over both days. Whatever, it’s working so far.


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