Posted by: Karen | January 5, 2013

Happy New Year!

I finished up 2012 with a daily run streak of 180 and a bike commute total of 141.

Monday, December 30, I ran to the local transit station (3 km); a) to get in my daily run, and b) to show a potential new roomie the bus route to my place. The room mate didn’t work out, but the run was nice.

Yesterday, December 31, I ran with a group of streakers for the Strides Holiday Running Streak finale. I chose the 5k option as I was still feeling tight from the Prairie Mountain run, but was surprised to find I felt great and kept a great 5k pace.

Strides Holiday Running Streak 2012

Last day of the 2012 December Streak challenge

On New Year’s Day I ran a snowy 5k trail with the Running Buddy, which took longer than the usual flat paved route, but I love the scenery out there.

Since then I’ve been back to work as usual, with runs fit in around the work day, and a couple of bike commutes. My hip has been giving me some trouble, so I’m taking it easy with 2-3 km runs, walking when I need to. I want to keep the streak going, so I get out there, but the hip needs some rest, so I’m keeping to short jogs.

Yesterday was run-streak 184, and I biked to work twice this week.


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