Posted by: Karen | January 5, 2013

2013 Hopes

I’m really happy with my running and bike commuting in 2012. I didn’t log the running very well, but this year I’ve committed to tracking my mileage and planning my training again. I will be using one of the Pink Chick’s awesome spreadsheets. Thanks, Dawn!

Bike Commuting:
My last bike commute of 2012 (in mid-December) brought my tally to 141 for the year, which, with my previous two years of bike commuting, added up to 365 overall (108 in 2010, 116 in 2011, 141 in 2012). Maybe I will reach 150 in 2013 – we’ll see.

It doesn’t seem like a big deal when I’m out there, but it is very cool that I get to ride my bike during my commute. I just don’t look forward to other means of commuting as a “yay, I get to do this” activity.

I started running in January of 2000 (13 year runnerversary coming up!), but for the first 12.5 years I never attempted a daily running streak. July 5, 2012 I began my current running streak, and it’s still going. I do not really have a minimum distance or time for the streak, but usually I just “run away for 15 minutes” and often I run further away than that.

In addition to keeping up my daily run streak, I’d like to keep my CRR XC race streak going. So far I’m up to 77 consecutive races in the series, and by the end of 2013 hope to complete number 87. Maybe by the time I get to 100 races in 2015 I might not mind missing one.

I have a couple more hopes for 2013, to build on 2012’s success:

  1. Plan and log my mileage (see above).
  2. Run a marathon.
    It’s been almost six years since I ran my only marathon – it’s about time to try it again.

In other news, I’ve signed up for The Original St. Patrick’s Day 10k (haven’t run that one since 2005) and the Run for L’Arche Half Marathon the following weekend.

On with 2013!


  1. Do you have any thoughts about which marathon you may want to run?
    I am always hoping I’ll get myself together to train for another – not for speed, actually, but for an under 6 hours, without agony pace.
    My last “marathon” was my failed 2011 Baltimore – I didn’t really finish and I didn’t really run, and I certainly didn’t much enjoy it. But that’s what I get for starting it AT ALL when I was already injured…)
    Prior to that almost-Baltimore-marathon, I did the Disney Goofy in January 2011, but that was just a day-long photo op, in truth, although I did complete the distance.

  2. I will likely run the Calgary marathon at the end of May (different route than the one we did), if all goes well. If it goes VERY well I could be up for another one, but don’t have any big plans.

    Right now my hip is giving me grief – the first injury I’ve had in years – and I’m a little annoyed with it. If I baby it for a couple of weeks I hope to be right back on track for May.

    Today and yesterday my “daily streak” involved 2 km of walking with a couple of feeble, painful attempts at running:P I’m sure the hip is only acting this way because I said the M-word out loud. It has been FINE with running 20 km a couple of times a month throughout this fall, and on one cold 32 km run in early December.

    If you were to pick a marathon to do this year, which would it be?



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