Posted by: Karen | December 30, 2012

Prairie Mountain Hike/Run

Yesterday I ran down the west side of Prairie Mountain with some local mountain runners – an ad hoc group who call themselves the Trail Trash. The name “Prairie Mountain” seems like an oxymoron to me, as I think of prairies as flat, and this mountain is not.

The Running Buddy and I started out 45 minutes early, to give me time to hike up ahead of the faster group. I wore my hobnailed trail shoes, but the steep climb on hard packed snow had me donning Kahtoolas half way up – love those things.

We summited with time to spare, and the cold wind made me grateful for all my layers while we waited. I should have brought one more long sleeved shirt, I think. Once the others caught up to us, they showed us the new route down to the Prairie Creek trail. It had been marked with cairns and surveyor’s tape, so it wasn’t difficult to follow.

I made a snow angel when we re-grouped for a snack in a meadow where the two trails met. The others opted to take the Link to the Powderface parking lot (8 km to finish). The Running Buddy and I took the shorter route back, running east (4 km). I have run the Prairie Creek trail a few times recently, so it was nice to run the last bit on familiar ground.

12 km total over 3 hours (the first 3 km took about an hour) was enough for me – not bad for Run Streak Day 178.



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