Posted by: Karen | December 14, 2012

December Daily Runs…

… and a bike commute! Today I rode my bike to work for the first time this December. When it’s been warm enough to suit me, I’ve been busy or lazy, and the rest of the work days in December so far have been either too cold or too snowy for my liking. But today! I rode to work and back and enjoyed it. I have one short week of work left this year. Maybe I will get in another ride or two.

Back to the daily runs:

Last Saturday was cold, but on a long run with the Running Buddy, I eked out 22 km. It was one of those runs where I wore a face mask and developed ice crystals on my eyelashes at the beginning, but warmed up once we stopped facing the wind. There was a nasty ascent at about 18 km, but it became a good excuse to walk and stretch out my calves. My hands were nicely warm enough during the run, but immediately afterwards, when I changed and rushed off to the kiddo’s soccer game in a cold car, my Raynaud’s condition uncomfortably numbed my fingers for over an hour. I eventually warmed up them up around a cup of tea.

Sunday I know I did a short recovery run in the neighbourhood, but I can’t remember it. Monday I took the day off work, and ran in daylight because I could.

Tuesday I had Christmas lunch with the office (complete with a White Elephant gift exchange game), and another Christmas dinner to attend in the evening, so ran the 5k commute home instead of taking the bus or biking. The rest of the week I’ve run local short loops of 4-5 km, involving doggie parks, a head lamp to celebrate Santa Lucia Day, golf course paths, and not-stopping-for-cheese-doodles on the way home.

Tomorrow – yay tomorrow! Tomorrow I have one of my favourite races – the Calgary Roadrunners Silver Springs XC 8k through Bowmont Park from Silver Springs. Tonight I baked brownies for the pot-luck dessert table.



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