Posted by: Karen | December 6, 2012

More Daily Runs

Help, I’ve started running every day and I can’t sto-o-o-op!

Actually, I could stop running any day now. I just haven’t encountered a good enough excuse yet. I’ve overcome 155 days of excuses so far – it’s not much easier, but it is becoming habitual.

Monday I ran past the Lions Festival of Lights. There were several families already in the park enjoying the display, and I smiled at the sound of little children squealing in delight.

Tuesday I ran past an outdoor skating rink, and enjoyed the unmistakable sounds of an ice hockey game. There were no boards on the rink, and it was neat to see players of different sizes getting into it.

Wednesday I ran through a park full of several very happy off-leash dogs. Nearly every one of them had blinking lights on their collars, as if they too were decorated for Christmas.

Tonight I delayed my run, as I’d heard the Okotoks XC race results were posted, and I wanted to check them out. One would think that someone as far back in the pack as I am wouldn’t care so much about the standings, but there is entertainment value there, and encouragement. For instance, I beat the ENTIRE Men’s 70-99 Age Group. This doesn’t sound huge for a woman in her mid-40’s, but that particular one is a very well-trained world champion, and I had to work very hard to catch him.

I also wasn’t last in my own age group, which often happens. I should encourage more women my age to come out to these races. You should come. We have a lot of fun.

Back to tonight’s run – I ran 4 km and stopped at the corner store for cheese doodles on the way home. That’s not a very healthy end-of-run activity, but that’s how it went tonight. Whatever, run streak 155 is in the books, with cheese doodles.


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