Posted by: Karen | December 1, 2012

2+ and 30+

Yesterday I ran a very short loop of about 2.6 km near my house. It had been snowing big fluffy flakes half the day and all the trees were dressed up in a winter wonderland.

This morning Running Buddy and met up with several Strides streakers (run at least 1 mile a day in December) for my 150th run streak day overall, and everyone’s first run of the 2012 Strides streak. It was around -14C with a slight breeze.

Running Buddy and I were up for something epic. We set out to run 30 km in two stages. First we ran 9 km out across the reservoir dam to Glenmore Trail and back to the store. We stopped for coffee at the store (thanks Strides!), then ran back out and around the reservoir.

By the second stage the breeze had picked up a little and I donned my second set of mitts. Running Buddy came back for me every 15 minutes. The scenery was lovely, though at times the fog on the north ridge of the rez made it look like the edge of the world.

By 27 km my knees were sore and I gave them a nice long walk break. The cold motivated me to try running again, and I was able to run without pain the rest of the way back.

I ended up covering 31.1 km according to my GPS; RB logged 36. We enjoyed more hot coffee back at the store before heading home to a nice, warm bath.


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