Posted by: Karen | November 29, 2012

Snowy Commute and Run 148

This morning I awoke to -13C and light snowfall. It was not my first preference to don the bike gear, but once I wrapped my foggy morning brain around it, I proceeded to layer up the clothing. By the time I got to the helmet and Vulcan mitts I was confident I would manage whatever challenge today’s adventure would bring.

As I finished shoveling the walk, I said hi to a couple other cyclists who go past my house. I caught up with them at the lights and later chatted with one on the ascent near Confederation Park.

It was a messy commute with fresh thin snow combining with just enough mud spray to appreciate fenders. I was warm in my layers and even though I had to use caution, it was more fun than riding the bus.

The commute home in -12C was a little chilly, but the climb warmed me right up. There it is, bike commute 140 for this year.

Once home, I changed some of my layers and went back out for a nice 5k run. I doubled up on the mitts and having warm hands made a big difference in choosing 5k instead of taking a short cut home. The snow settled on the trees was lovely, and traction was ok. Run streak 148 is done, yay!


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