Posted by: Karen | November 23, 2012

Do Not Sit Down

Today I was feeling tired again, but it’s my own fault. Last night I failed to get to bed early. Wednesday I got to experience Xavier Rudd’s awesomely unique music in concert. Who knew a didgeridoo could drive such intense coolness right through me! It was a blast, but it kept me up way past my bed time.

Tonight when I got home I knew I could not sit down, or it would be oh-so-difficult to get out the door for the run. The streak involves strategy, and this is one tactic; DO NOT SIT DOWN.

I immediately donned my run gear and booted it around my 4k loop. In the last km my mind got home ahead of me, was already cooking dinner, and my legs walked a couple of steps. I yanked my mind back to finish the run, to “be in the moment”, with my legs.

And there we have it, run streak #142.



  1. Ahhhh… that is my problem. I ALWAYS sit down…or lie on the couch…and I am OUT LIKE A LIGHT.


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