Posted by: Karen | November 17, 2012

136 on Hard-Packed Snow

Today my run streak caught my 2012 bike commute tally at 136. I ran about 5k with my Running Buddy.

This run felt good again. I guess it’s not a coincidence that running every day seems to have produced fewer sucky runs than good ones. Actually, the sucky-run number is probably close to the same – I’m just experiencing more good runs in between them.

My basic runs near home are mostly on sidewalks and paved paths – sometimes cleared of snow and sometimes not. Today’s run was from the Running Buddy’s place, which involved single track trails on hard-packed snow and a few steep climbs. I wore my hobnailed trail shoes and walked the steepest parts, but ran at least a couple of hills I’d found too challenging to run last spring.

Running on hard-packed snow is about as enjoyable as running on hard packed dirt. One part of today’s trail was not as hard-packed as the rest, and took a fair bit of my concentration to keep running smoothly ahead. On a whiny tired day I would have walked it, but today I dove into the zone and focused on keeping my body moving forward.

When I’m challenged by variable terrain it often helps not to think specifically about where each foot goes, but to throw my heart where it really wants go, and trust that the rest of my body will figure it out. It’s an awesome feeling when it works. Today it did.



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