Posted by: Karen | November 14, 2012

Autumn Streak Update

This running-every-day thing is a very good habit for me. How did I manage to be a runner for 12 years without trying a daily run streak! 

At the beginning of the streak several of the runs were hot, sweaty slogs, since I started on July 5. This fall I have really appreciated the cooler temperatures, and – surprise surprise – I’m feeling more fit. More and more of my runs are feeling better and better. Cool.

Tonight was #133 in the streak. Since I was feeling great and had time, I extended the usual 30 minutes to 40 minutes. Monday I doubled the run time to a whole hour just on a whim. I like this a lot.

While I’m here on the blog, I might as well catch you up on the bike commuting too. Last week before we had a major snow dump my 2012 tally hit 135. I’ve got the studded tires on and might get in at least one commute this week, especially since the roads have cleared a bit with plows and melting. We’ll see if I feel like crunching through frozen slush at the intersections.



  1. You’re a better runner than I, Gunga Karen! (And I won’t even discuss my “biking”…which is a lack thereof.)


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