Posted by: Karen | August 13, 2012

Runs, Push Ups, and the Moose

Today marks 40 daily runs in a row, 15 days of push ups, and I’m in the 90’s for bike commutes this year so far. The daily runs have been about 4-5 km with 10-12 push ups at the turnaround. I bumped the push ups from 10 to 12 about a week ago.

Usually I bike commute home, have a drink and a nutty snack, and hope the evening air is a little cooler when I head out again. I’m recognizing many of the regulars out on the path and it’s kind of nice being one of them. I’m going to miss that path as I’m moving house in a few weeks, but I’ll have another one near the new place mapped out before long.

Yesterday I ran and hiked the Moose Mountain 29k route ( with my running buddy. He’s registered to race it in two weeks and wanted a nice easy dry run of it at my slower pace. Some other runners joined us and turned back at different distances on the route. They were good company on the way up. It took us about 5 hours 10 minutes total (15 minutes slower than my race time last year), with a couple of pee breaks, photo moments and a seated snack rest I wouldn’t have enjoyed if racing. I feel a little better trained than I was last year.

Tonight I felt the short run stretching out some stiff muscles, but didn’t feel like I really needed to stop anywhere. The push ups today were a tiny bit easier than yesterday’s.



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