Posted by: Karen | August 4, 2012

Bike Commuting Update and a Couple of Streaks

Bike Commutes:
I’m up to 89 bike commuting days this year. I should be able to reach 100 before September, even if I take the staycation I have planned in a couple of weeks. I haven’t taken the bus to work in months.

Running Streak:
I’ve run 30 days in a row since July 5th. So far the minimum is about 4k on week days, with a long run of about 18-22k on the weekends. I will eventually increase some of the week-day runs again, but the idea is to keep it very simple and easy to do daily.

Push-ups Streak:
I have been incorporating push-ups at the mid-point of my short runs, and it’s not so bad, so I’ve decided I can do those every day, too, even on long run days. So far the minimum has been 10 regular man-type push ups, but sometimes I do 12. It’s not much, but it’s a start, and if it isn’t really difficult I’ll just do it without thinking much about it. Today is Day 6.

I downloaded a cool iPhone App called Streaks to track these, in case anyone is interested. The app doesn’t count the bike commutes, as that isn’t a streak, just a yearly count.


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