Posted by: Karen | February 3, 2012

Did I Say That Out Loud?

On the last day of 2011, in a rush of New Year’s resolutionism, I said this out loud on the blog:

The fitness plan for the first quarter of 2012 involves bike commuting 2-3 times a week, running 3 times per week, and a casual, relaxing swim each weekend. I’ll run on at least 2 of the non-bike weekdays, and again on the weekend. I’m aiming for a minimum of 30 minutes for each weeknight run.

Then for the first three weeks of January I didn’t actually follow the plan. I did run on two really really really cold weeknights (-27C & -20C respectively), but I didn’t try biking to work that week.I did manage 2 bike commutes per week for the other weeks, but the week night runs are not happening as much as I’d like to report, and the weather’s been nice enough to get out more.

I am happy to have done nine bike commutes in January. I’ve never done that. Twice since Christmas I’ve done hospital hill repeats with the CRR 10k group. I also ran two more trail races in my CRR XC race streak. I should count my runs again. I used to do that.

It’s not like I have to do this. I am still able to eat and breathe and work and play and no one has openly shunned me (that I know of) for exercising less than I said I would.

But I do get to do this, right? I’m not injured or ill. I can make the time and afford the gear. I live in a place where I’m free and it’s safe to play outside, on my own and with others. I am privileged to have the health and resources to do this – why waste it? It’s FUN when I actually get out there and I like feeling fit. No one is holding me back but me.

So let’s try to follow the plan a little better in February, eh?


  1. Go for it!!

  2. Thanks! And cool blog you have there J.


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