Posted by: Karen | November 12, 2011

More Counting

Many athletes track their efforts on spreadsheets or websites, but lately I’m only counting two things; my bike commutes and my Grand Prix XC series racing streak. There are 10 per year in the series and so far I’m up to 65 in a row.

Crossing the Elbow River

River Park Classic, photo courtesy of Dawn Henry (Pink Chick), Calgary Roadrunners. My legs are crossing the Elbow River, but my eyes are taking me up the opposing bank and ridge.

The River Park Classic in September was graced with rain during registration, but the sun came out just before we started. I felt really steady throughout the entire 8k course. Not fast, not overly tired, just steady. I loved the creek crossings and the final, downhill finish through a beautifully-treed slope is always a blast. I brought tomato fennel soup to share after the race.

Confederation Park 4k 2011 Creek Crossing

Confederation Park 3x4k, photo courtesy of Dawn Henry, Pink Chick

We enjoyed crisp fall conditions for the Confederation Park 3x4k relay in October. Usually I allow myself to walk on the biggest hill, but this year I kept a running stride throughout the whole course. It wasn’t my fastest time, but it ranked up there. Again, I felt steady and strong. I brought tomato fennel soup to share after this race, too.

Edworthy 8k 2011 down I go

Edworthy 8k, photo courtesy of Kathy Taerum, Calgary Roadrunners. 1st lap descent.

Last weekend we had fresh snow just before the Edworthy Park race. I had forgotten my Yaktrax, so was more cautious than I wanted to be on the first loop. It’s a double-loop course, so I was more confident on the second round of it. In the last quarter of the race Carla and Davie caught up and kept me company to the finish. This time I brought Lemony Lentil soup to share afterwards.


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