Posted by: Karen | July 16, 2011

Shoe-Sucking Muddy Fun

It was a delightfully warm day for the first ever running of the 5 Peaks Camrose race – hot but not too bad.

There were many vicious skeeters, but the repellent I’d sprayed on worked most of the way. Towards the end some mosquitoes landed but I chose to swat instead of stop to re-apply the stuff I carried in my belt.

The course was a rollercoaster which started out on mostly wide grassy XC ski trails, but around 2k we funneled onto dirt single-track.

I have run on muddy trails before, but this track had more slick spots than I’ve run in a long time. There were several unavoidable stretches of shoe-sucking, calf-splatting muddy fun.

I only wiped out once, at somewhere around 7k. I had been merrily splashing through most of the puddles directly in my path, but tried to land on a raised spot between two puddles and slipped. My feet went left and I splashed down right. It was a soft mucky landing, so I just quickly righted myself and was on my way again.

The views of Happy Valley were lovely and I enjoyed the company of Bridie, who returned my woohoos with gusto while we leap-frogged through the course.

I had heard there would be a creek crossing, but the race organizers bridged it when they learned the creek was a sewage channel. A handsome cowboy assisted me onto the makeshift bridge with about 2k to go.

I was quite done by the end. It took me 1:50 to finish, about 20 minutes longer than I’d estimated for the 12.5k. I don’t know how I’m going to run 29k at Moose Mountain next month, but I’d better wrap my brain around it soon. Next week I’m to run the Sundre 5 Peaks, about 14k.

Little Runner ran me in to the finish and Mom snapped pics of my approach and muddy legs. Thanks to the 5 Peaks crew and the Camrose running club for a great race!


  1. I think also the bridge helped in terms of the environmental impact of 400 plus runners trudging through the same creek. I had not heard about the sewage problem, is this true or is it an ugly rumor?

  2. Kamren mentioned the undesirability of falling in the warm creek in his welcoming remarks. He also warned us that quitting on course could result in severe blood loss due to the mosquitoes.


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