Posted by: Karen | December 31, 2010

Knitting: Variations on a Spiral Tube Sock Pattern

I haven’t knit much lately, but the two items I have accomplished serve my running and cycling lifestyle, even if I’m not running or cycling much.  The New Year holds great potential, eh?

Project 1: Arm Warmers

Arm WarmersLate in the summer I knit myself a couple of arm warmers, in an adaptation of an easy spiral tube sock pattern my mom recommended. When I run or ride my bike I need to be able to adjust the layers I’m wearing on the fly. These arm warmers keep me warm when I’m starting out on cool mornings and are easily removable or just scrunch down on my wrists when I warm up out on the trails. They’re also BRIGHT, to make me more visible to motorists.

I used a spiral tube sock pattern, but adjusted the diameter to fit my upper arm, and instead of closing up the tube at one end I just straight-ribbed each end. The spiral rib is very forgiving and stretchy, yet it stays up on my arms. Next time I knit arm warmers I might add thumb holes.

Project 2: Bowl Cozy

Bowl CozyI won a ceramic soup bowl last year, for running 50 consecutive races in a local trail club series. It is a custom to bring our own bowls and mugs to races for soup afterwards, but I wanted to protect this special one as I transport it.

The spiral tube sock idea is so versatile for things like this! I cast on 60 stitches and ribbed knit 2 pearl 1 for about 6 cm. Then I started spiraling the knit 3 pearl 3 rib until I decided it was long enough to accommodate the bowl and a mug inside.

I reduced the stitches k2tog k1 p2tog p1. Then after a clear round of knitting and pearling I k2tog and p2tog until there were 10 stitches left, then finished it off like a hat or a mitt.

Next up: a mug cozy for my 2nd Place Age Group cup from the 2008-09 Grand Prix.



  1. Love your latest projects!

    Yes! The new year holds great potential! I hope yours is full of happiness!


  2. Nice, I like those arm warmers and I like that idea.
    I’ve been getting into running and want to get more into cycling and swimming… I hadn’t even thought about arm warmers…

  3. […] notes: While I forgot to bring my mug and bowl in the cool new bags I knitted for them (dang it), I did remember to bring a birthday present I knitted for Dawn (a pair of fingerless […]


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