Posted by: Karen | November 20, 2010

Edworthy Park CRR XC #55

Edworthy XC 2010 - heading out on the ridge

Edworthy XC 2010 - heading out on the ridge

Photo courtesy of the Calgary Roadrunners

Last weekend I enjoyed running my 55th CRR XC series race in a row, the 8k option at Edworthy Park.  This year there was no snow at all on the path. There was one icy patch and a puddle, but the rest was gloriously dry dirt.

I joked around with buddies at the finish that this year it would be my goal to beat the entire Women’s 60-69 age group (Julie & Barb). This sounds kind of funny coming from me in my mid-forties, but really, those women are formidable. Last year I only beat one of them, with a 70+ woman hot on my heels. This year I had all the training I did for all those 5 Peaks races under my belt, and the bike commuting wasn’t hurting either.

Julie and Barb didn’t make it easy for me. As you can see in the photo above, Julie (in the blue) is setting a decent pace, and I’m tucked in right behind her. Todd and Sarah are right behind me, followed by Barb, Carla and Karin.

We leapfrogged a few times throughout the one-hill course. The course is set on a huge north-facing, river-side slope, with switchbacks through trees and a big plateau on top. By the time we got to the puddle at the bottom I was slightly ahead of Julie. I leaped over that puddle like a ballerina en jeté and afterward joked with Julie that she’d missed her chance to get revenge for our past puddle predicament.

I walked quickly up the steepest parts, but actually managed to run up some of the hill in the first lap. Julie and Barb were still right behind me as we arrived on the plateau after the second big climb. They were so close that when Barb tripped I heard her go down (whumph!).  Julie was right behind her, but as soon as we saw she had bounced back up again we were all off running. Julie might have caught me, but her ankle turned at some point. She didn’t go down, but it slowed her. I was barely hanging on to a run at this point. I was breathing hard and trying to make a gap she couldn’t close. It was worth it. I finished with a big WOOHOO! I high-fived friends at the finish and enjoyed cheering the others in, too.

The soup and sweets back at the hall were great, and I enjoyed hanging out with the Pink Chick and friends. I love this series.



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