Posted by: Karen | November 14, 2010

Bike Wall in my Living Room

bike wall chalk board

Handy Bicycle Storage

I finally did it. After parking my bike on the floor in front of a book shelf all summer, I finally mustered the resources to build a bike wall. I bought a thin board (mdf) and coated it in metal paint (so magnets work on it) and black chalk board paint (so I can decorate it if I want). The black kind of reminds me of the bike path or the road.

I recruited some help in attaching the board to the wall with washers and screws. The help kindly also affixed two inexpensive bicycle hangers to the studs behind the wall. I don’t recommend these for heavy bikes. The light bike on top is doing just fine, but I might have to try a stronger hanger for the bottom for my heavier commuter bike.

I don’t have a garage, so this is the next best way for me to store my bikes inside. This winter if there’s a chinook and enough snow melts I can still use the commuter bike and if I want to access the triathlon bike for an indoor spin, it’s handy.



  1. Now that is mega cool looking. šŸ™‚

    I might do that too. Except, the wife would spoil it by saying something like “You don’t even ride that bike.” And then I would have to say “That’s why I can leave it in the living room on the wall.”

  2. It does look like a bike path! You should paint a dividing line up the middle!


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