Posted by: Karen | November 13, 2010

Race 55


Finishing up at Confederation Park

Finishing up at Confederation Park, courtesy of The Calgary Roadrunners

Yes, I’m still running. It is fun mentioning my bike commutes on Twitter (now up to 107 so far this year!), but I’m still a trail runner with a bike.

Last month I had a blast at the Confederation Park 3x4k relay cross country run with Sarah and Sheila. Our team was “Two Wheezes and a Tease”, since two of us had been using inhalers due to breathing challenges. We were all quite conservative in anticipating our times, but each of us surprised ourselves by doing better than we expected. It was a blast! It was a fantastic day for it. I had brought split pea soup, which was totally consumed by racers, even though it burned a little on the bottom.

My cough finally disappeared sometime in mid-October (after 6 weeks of coughing!), I’m off the inhaler now and I seem to have my normal voice back. I must remember to get the Little Runner and myself in for flu shots this fall. I do not want to be sick again for a long time.

The weather here in Calgary has been unseasonably nice for late fall, so I’ve been able to get out for weekend trail runs without having to strap on extra foot traction so far. I’m not going particularly far for the runs. One was just west of Valley Ridge for about 8 km, and last weekend we ran around Fullerton Loop near Allan Bill Pond near Bragg Creek, less than 8 km.

Aside from the weekend runs I’m running about one weeknight per week lately. Combined with the bike commuting, that’s enough cardio for now. A couple of weeks ago I ran with the Gord’s Running Store Tuesday group. Kelly kept a perfect pace for conversation and we enjoyed getting caught up on each others’ news. I’ve missed her.

I have been enjoying the use of my headlamp for more than just biking – I’ve been using it on urban trails for short evening runs. One night we bounded up and down the goat trails below Crescent Heights, on the curling club hill escarpment. I have learned don’t mind running dark trails on prairie terrain; but heavily treed, hilly, technical single track in the dark still reduces me to a fast hike. I can’t shake images of myself being impaled on a big ol’ branch.

Today I get to race the Edworthy CRR Grand Prix 8k, #55 in my Grand Prix series streak. There’s a 4k too, but I like that hill so much I’ll do it twice. If I keep repeating that to myself, I’ll believe it, right? I’m bringing soup today, too. So far in the series I’m a consistent soup-bringer (3/3). Today it’s Halloween Pumpkin soup, from the huge jack-o-lantern that we decapitated, disemboweled, mutilated, lit a fire inside, then cut up, roasted, simmered, blended, and froze. Now I’m thawing it in the microwave. Want some?

Next weekend I’m heading up to Camrose to check out a possible new route for a 5 Peaks race. It looks like fun, and we’ll visit family while we’re there. I really enjoyed the 5 Peaks races I did this summer. Since I did three of the five northern ones, I qualified for their series standings. Cool.



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