Posted by: Karen | October 16, 2010

Runs, Autumn and Bike Storage

Last Saturday I got to run with a group on trails I’d never seen in the west end of Fish Creek Park, in the far south of Calgary. We ran for about an hour and then roasted smokies over a fire for lunch. I enjoyed letting loose on the north-facing slopes through the trees, where every climb up promised a joyful bound down. Whee! I still coughed a bit, but I think the run helped exorcise some of the gunk from my lungs, as I felt much better the next day than I had after runs in previous weeks. It was a beautiful, sunny day and just the right temperature for a trail run and picnic.

That afternoon Little Runner and I went to a garden store nearby and then to Canadian Tire in search of orange pumpkin garbage bags. We bought some bike hangers for a bike wall I’m building in my living room. We raked up all the decaying crab apples and leaves in my yard and now have 4 big cute bags of leaves smiling at passersby.

Sunday Little Runner/Mermaid and I went swimming and enjoyed it thoroughly. We may get on each other’s nerves during the week (teenage hormones, eh?), but playing in the pool is always a blast.

Monday I went to Totem and bought a big thin sheet of mdf board and paint for my living room bike wall. I painted four coats of metal paint so magnets will stick to it. Today I’m adding a final top coat of chalk board paint. The chalk board paint reminds me of an old headboard my Grandpa Hoybak made into a chalk board when I was a kid. Next I hope to cut the board to size (it’s 4-5 inches too long) and mount it and the bike hangers on the wall opposite my desk in the living room. Once it’s up I’ll decorate it and post some pics.

Thursday evening I went for a head-lamp run. About a third of it was along well-lit sidewalks, another third was on partially lit pathway, and the rest was on an un-lit single-track dirt path. It felt good, I had great company and kept a decent pace. It always feels like I can run faster in the dark; maybe it’s because I’m so focused on my next steps and not how darn long it’s taking to get somewhere I’m not yet.


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