Posted by: Karen | September 12, 2010

A Day Off

I haven’t run since Thursday, when I caught a tickly cough and stopped running in an attempt to heal faster. I’m taking my vitamins and chicken soup and resting.  Resting gave me time to putter around the house today.

Our tub drain clogged up recently, partly due to a suicidal Polly Pocket getting all caught up in the rest of the gunk. In removing the clog, I broke off a part on the old, corroded trip lever. I didn’t even know there was a name for that thingie that lifts the whatchamacallit back there, but the interwebs are a wondrous place.

I took the trip lever to the hardware store and discovered they have nothing with which to replace it there. The tub is still functional without it, so maybe next week or weekend I’ll try somewhere else.

Tub clog 0, Karen 1
Tub part replacement challenge 1, Karen 0

Instead of hauling the new hammock stand way back into storage for the winter, I set it up in the yard under the crabapple tree. Putting it together was quite the puzzle, but I figured it out. Unfortunately, when I set the hammock on it, I realized the hammock was musty and starting to break in places. It’s airing out now. If someone steals it they deserve it. I’ll find another one.

Hammock stand 0, Karen 1
Hammock 0.5, Karen 0.5

Yesterday I forgot to ride my bike, so my possible 29 out of #30daysofriding is down to 28 now. On the bright side, I did ride my bike to the hardware AND the grocer instead of taking my car on two errands today. Cycling to places nearby is easier than running. And the fresh air was good for me, right?

Un-Bike 1, Karen 1

On the way to the stores I discovered that the City has, as I feared due to all the recent surveyor markings, once again torn up my beloved bike path south of the 36th Street Connector. BOO. Although the detour actually shortens my mileage to work, it adds back in the nasty, VERTICAL 6th street climb again. I tried to find a way around it between the shops today, but ended up on busy Edmonton Trail for a block. That was fine for a Sunday at 2 pm, but won’t be on a weekday at 7:15 am.

Anti-Bike 1, Karen 0.5

The kiddo is being a royal pain and not doing her chores, so I’m not baking cookies with her. She knows this , but is still being an insolent lazy bum.

Kiddo 0, Karen 0

I started some bread instead.



  1. Good blog! I like how you count your rides, I’m going to start doing that too.


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