Posted by: Karen | August 9, 2010

Mist Ridge on a Misty Morning

Mist Ridge August 2010

Picking our way along the pointy top

Sunday I managed a “fast hike” up to Mist Ridge while the backs of my legs burned and I tried to talk myself into running some of the level bits. It didn’t work. I’d had 4 solid runs in the previous week and two of them included big hills, so my legs were just tuckered. We were soon soaked in gentle rain and I was very cold by the time we got up through the clouds to the south summit cairn at the ridge on top.

I was surprised at how far we picked our way north along the precariously pointy ridge before we finally turned back. Julie and I were just too cold to consider another 12 more km to finish the loop at that point, so we all turned around and did 8 back instead. My fingers had gotten so cold I had to bite open the wrapper of my granola bar. When I have trouble accessing a chocolate chip laden treat, it’s serious.

We ran most of the way back down on muddy but not very slick single track, after walking down the steepest part at the top. The running warmed me up again and I enjoyed the descent of course. We met 3 men on horseback on our way down. It took us under 4 hours, including poking around on top and some other rest/munch/clothing-adjustment stops.

Of course, the sun came out just as we made it back to the parking lot. At least it warmed us up for the 90 minute car ride home. I was wiped the rest of the day. I hadn’t dressed for the weather, hadn’t nourished myself properly and my fingers swelled up. I went to bed early before 8 pm and had a good, lo-o-o-ong sleep. I felt much better today and rode my bike in to work.

Check out Ken’s photos of our adventure here.



  1. That was quite the trail running adventure Karen! Ken’s photos portray exactly what one might expect a place called “Mist Ridge” to look like. It can be a beautiful place to be on a clear, warm, sunny day. Then again, if you are open to it, you can find beauty no matter what when you are playing in the mountains!


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