Posted by: Karen | August 5, 2010

Bike Commute #50 Yay! and a trail run

Last night I was so tired after work I napped on the couch for a bit before moving on to grocery shopping and watching So You Think You Can Dance (Kent ROCKS! & so does Travis Wall).

This morning I was still tired, but it was Day 50! of my bike commutes this year. I couldn’t find my bike shorts, but I have other kinds, and it’s only a 40 minute commute on a slow day, so no big deal. Somehow my arm warmers got stuffed into the bottom of my bag, so I didn’t wear those either, but this summer weather is very forgiving.

Before long I’ll have to install a couple of lights on my bike for commuting, but for now I’m enjoying the angles of sunlight in the morning. There’s one particularly vertical, east-facing rise I must climb in the first 3 km of my ride. I have to gear right down and work hard up it, but the last couple of mornings I have enjoyed the distraction of how the sun gleams through the sopping wet wild grasses beside the path. I only get to enjoy that particular phenomenon when I’m climbing up that hill, with the sunshine at just the right angle, through the rain/dew on the grass at that particular part in my ride. There is just not much room for complaint about an uphill slog when I’ve got that sight to savour.

Tonight after the ride home I headed out to join the Roadrunners for hills night. I don’t make it out with them often, but it’s usually worth it when I do. Tonight I was rewarded with a trail run through the roller coaster of the Douglas Fir trail from west to east. We took the flat path on the way back, and I was darn tired and hot by the end. Judging by the lack of conversation as we regrouped on the bridge before the end, everyone else was hot and tired, too.



  1. Ah, Douglas Fir!! I think I like that run now just as much as you do, who could have thought that three years ago on our first run up there! Beautiful, beautiful.
    And congrats on your 50th bike commute, it takes something to get on that bike early in the morning on the days you feel sluggish. Chapeau!

  2. Glad you are enjoying the outdoors this summer. The raspberries are yummy here now! And the peas, and carrots, and … see you soon!!! XOXOXOX


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