Posted by: Karen | August 3, 2010

Bike Commute #48 and Some Running

Today’s ride makes 48 bike commutes so far this year. It’s still iffy if I will get to 100 before 2011, but I’m really enjoying them. Every day it’s different. There are different birds along the path, different wildflowers blooming, different wind directions. Today there were big swaths of mud on the paths under the bridges next to Nose Creek, leftover from last night’s thunderstorms. Some days my legs are tireder or stronger. I’m becoming more and more comfortable on the bike and am getting better at judging when to gear up or down on the route. The hills are getting smaller.

I’ve been running slightly longer and stronger than usual lately. Last Wednesday night my running buddy (henceforth referred to as rb) and I ran for an hour and 45 minutes on hilly prairie trails from my old neighbourhood. We found and consumed saskatoon berries on the Edgemont escarpment.  I never run that long on a weeknight, but apparently now I do.

This weekend both Sunday and Monday mornings (long weekend) I ran the same 11k route on a rolling gravel road. Tonight the rb challenged me to run up to the top of Nose Hill park from my place (basically UP 3.75km one way) and back down. Oi, hard work for the first half of the run, but it was a nice night for it! I don’t run two days in a row, much less three. Apparently now I do.

I’m not going for a streak (rb is on Day 20). This week I’ll ride to work for #49-51, but I won’t run again until Wednesday or Thursday. Still, I’m feeling fitter and liking it.

I need to get back in the pool. These weekends away have sucked up my already sparse pool time, but I have a plan to get some lap swims in later this month.



  1. Congratulations on #48. That’s terrific. I’ve been commuting by bike for a couple of years and lost counts of the trips, but I’m hoping to close in on 2,000 miles on my odometer before the fall. Good to have these goals, eh? And, yes, it all gets easier and easier with time and experience.


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