Posted by: Karen | July 28, 2010

Losing Track of Time

I haven’t seen my good old Timex Ironman 100 lap running watch since the Banff-Jasper relay at the beginning of June. A few weeks ago I picked up a cheap digital watch, and then promptly misplaced it after running the Chickakoo 5 Peaks race two weekends ago (then found it this morning, yay).  It’s a good thing I’m not persnickety about timing my runs for a log or training plan, or I would have gone crazy(er) by now. I have been running mostly trails this summer, with very little formal training involved. I just go out for my runs, explore merrily and then find my way back.

I seem to have lost track of time on the blog, too. Summer has been so delightfully distracting that I haven’t spent much time writing up my adventures, but rest assured, I’m having ’em! I owe two trail race reports (5 Peaks Chickakoo 14k and Sundre 12k) and two mountain trail run reports (Jumping Pound Ridge and Galatea), along with some other more local weeknight runs (12 mile coulee in the rain!) and a bike commuting update (#46 today).

I don’t plan to run any more races now until late August, unless I get sucked into one on a whim. If I were plannng to be anywhere near Milk River or Pincher Creek this weekend I’d do the Milk River 10k or a Buffalo Runner race, but I’m not. Maybe next year. If you are going to either of them I’d love to hear about it.


  1. Its kinda funny that you say you aren’t going to run any more races until August, like its a long way away. 🙂


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