Posted by: Karen | May 29, 2010

Drenched, and Volunteering Tomorrow

Last Monday was a holiday here in Canada, so I got to enjoy an extra day off.  In the morning I picked up a friend from the airport and then merrily ran some more dirt trails before heading home. In the afternoon Little Runner and I rode our bikes along the paved path to Dairy Queen in the afternoon and enjoyed a nice treat.

Tuesday I rode my bike to work (#18), but Wednesday I had a really good reason to drive – it was my son’s high school graduation that morning. I enjoyed the special touches the class added to the ceremony through their music and a very thoughtful gift to their principal. It was a proud and emotional time for all of us.

Thursday the weather forecast looked nasty, but I was determined to ride my bike (#19). I have run in rain and snow – I could surely ride in it, eh? The ride in was lovely – only a few raindrops caught me and I was dressed warmly. By home time, however, it was pouring out.

Unless there’s a thunderstorm, most rains in Calgary consist of a fairly light drizzle. I figured I could handle that. Once I turned north past the zoo, however, the steady drizzle got heavier, with bonus ice drops whipped into my face by the wind. I rode through puddles which soaked my feet. I told myself that it’s just water. I can handle a little moisture now and then! I rode faster to generate more effort and stay warm, which sort of worked for a while.

The new pathway gates near the underpasses under street bridges along the tiny Nose Creek were closed as the creek was flowing up over the path, so I had extra detours along the way. By the time I got home I was drenched. I parked my bike in the store room and immediately changed into warm dry clothes. I really wanted to curl up under a quilt and savour a dram of single malt, but I one of my old college buddies was in town visiting and I didn’t want to miss catching up. I warmed up with jasmine tea and conversation at his host’s home instead.

The weather was actually a tiny bit nicer for Friday’s commutes, but I drove my car. I had an early morning meeting and an errand to run after work, and besides, my ski gloves were still wet inside from Thursday’s ride. After work I picked up my race crew t-shirt for tomorrow’s marathon. I get to call out the split times at the half way point of the full marathon again this year, which involves riding my bike to the start (to set my watch at the gun), then riding to the half way point, and home again, with a few hours of yelling in between. My kind of morning!



  1. Have fun Karen! I’m up and excited to get going! Maybe I will see you around!


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