Posted by: Karen | May 23, 2010


This morning I went to the pool twice. Once on my own for 45 minutes of back and forth in the lanes. At my local public lane swim on weekend mornings I feel almost elite. The “slow” lanes have lots of elderly, mostly asian folks, many of whom walk all or part of the laps. The “medium” lanes host people who almost know how to swim. Today I opted for a “fast” lane, in which someone was doing flip turns. He was definitely faster than me, but I stayed out of his way and even managed a few flip turns of my own, as if to justify my presence there.

After the lane swim I dried off, headed home, ate a second piece of toast, and drove Little Mermaid back for family swim. We played a lot of catch with a Scooby-doo ball in between floating practice.


  1. Its so sweet. very nice story…


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