Posted by: Karen | May 22, 2010

Bike Commutes 16, 17, and Club Night

Wednesday and Thursday I continued to ride to work, and the legs continued to recover from the weekend. Wednesday I stayed at work an extra hour due to a workshop, but daylight hours are long here now, and the commute home was actually more peaceful without the usual rush hour traffic on the detour street.

Thursday my legs were back to feeling “normal” again. I was passed twice by the same speedy person on the way in. It was kind of funny – apparently I managed the under-bridge intersections better than she did.  When I caught up to her the third time downtown we laughed and she agreed the extra pathway distances to work around traffic lights are more efficient.

Thursday was also club night with the Calgary Roadrunners. Almost immediately after returning home I grabbed a granola bar and headed out to the north Tech Shop store. There was a good turnout with a few newbies. We enjoyed a nice social run up on top of Nose Hill Park before retiring to Kilkenny’s for refreshments.

Friday I didn’t ride or run anywhere. I took the day off work and spent some time with my kiddos in between optometry and dentist appointments. Towards the end of the day I dropped them both off at home and headed over to Mountain Equipment Co-op to pick up my 5 Peaks race bib and do a bit of shopping. I found a pair of capris I think will be perfect for my commutes and look forward to trying them out Tuesday.

Today I get to race the first of my 5 Peaks races this summer. I’ve had a drippy nose for the last couple of days – I thought it was due to tree blossom allergies (the May Day and crabapple trees are in their glory), but this morning it feels like a head cold. Ugh. I’ll manage. Wish me luck!



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